Thailand’s Vin Diesel lookalike even has his own “muscle” car!

We’re sure you’ve seen the viral photo of a Thai man with an uncanny resemblance to Fast & Furious actor Vin Diesel (but if you haven’t, it’s below). While most people would pass it off as just a cute coincidence, the story actually goes much, much deeper than that.

According to Singaporean news site Mothership, the Chiang Rai local has already been aware of his own resemblance to the Hollywood star, and have been posting photos like these as early as 2017. In fact, the photo that went viral actually dates all the way back to 2019!

T-shirts and cross necklaces are now his wardrobe staples, the bald head his standard haircut, and the nonchalant emotionless face has since become his default pose. Just like Vin Diesel, the Thai man also seems to frequents the gym – although we’re not sure if he’s doing it just to look more like the actor, or he’s just a gym rat himself.

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But that’s far from all, because the Thai Dom Toretto lookalike even got himself a “muscle” car to complete the look! Well, “muscle” in inverted commas, because the car looks like it’s been converted into a Ford Mustang/Dodge Charger replica from a Japanese family sedan, possibly an old Mitsubishi Galant or the E20 Toyota Corolla. Still, A+ for effort.

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And Dom Toretto isn’t even the only Vin Diesel character that the Thai man has tried to portray. In September last year, the man also uploaded an older photo of himself dressing up as Richard B. Riddick, a character also played by Vin Diesel in a 2004 film.

As of the time of writing, the viral photo has garnered over 76 thousand shares on Facebook, and gained many new fans – us included. Be sure to check out more on his photos on his Facebook page, linked here.


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