Toyota Supra from the first The Fast and The Furious movie sold for RM2.2 million

Remember the Candy Orange Toyota Supra we shared about last week? The one that was going to be auctioned off in the USA? It just got sold, unsurprisingly, but for an unexpected figure of USD $550,000!

This makes it the most expensive Supra in the world by far and it’s unlikely for any other car from the original movie, to fetch that price.

It’s also more than twice the value of an identical Supra, also built for the movie, which sold for USD $185,000 back in 2015.

Unlike that unit, which came with a naturally-aspirated engine, this unit actually came with the original, highly sort-after twin-turbo engine. Sadly, the big 6-cylinder lump of power is paired with a 4-speed automatic.

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Unlike the one sold in 2015, this unit does come with a more hospitable interior. The door panels are still in tact and it’s got a complete and functioning dashboard with countless dials and gauges. It’s still very much road-friendly.

Still, would you pay half a million US dollars to drive a cult movie star – one that’s as famous as the actor who drove it – when a brand new Ferrari would only cost half that in the US?

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