It has been almost five years since the untimely death of the Fast and Furious franchise star, Paul Walker. What better way to celebrate and remember the man that sparked and fueled our interests and passion for cars than with a documentary?

The initiative will be led by the same team that brought us the “I am Heath Ledger” and “I am Evel Knievel” biopics. The film which will be titled, I am Paul Walker, will shed light on Paul’s rise to fame, his passion for philanthropy and conservation of marine life.

We would’ve loved to see Paul drive this new Supra.

The film, supposedly due for release sometime this year, will also include interviews of Paul’s closest friends and cast mates as well as the obvious mention of his undying love for cars as he has been known to have collected most of the “hero cars” from the F&F franchise.

Walker was riding shotgun in a Porsche Carrera GT when it went out of control and smashed into a tree; killing both himself and the driver. Porsche, initially involved in safety accusations, has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Image Credit: Car Crushing

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