Michelin introduces new Pilot Sport 5 (PS5) and Primacy 4+

Michelin has officially introduced the new Pilot Sport 5 (PS5) and Primacy 4+ in Europe, available in 50 different sizes ranging from 17 to 21-inches. The new tyres will be available to all markets by the 1st of March 2022.

The new tyres feature Michelin’s Dynamic Response technology where a layer forms a belt around the tyre structure for better contact on the road.

With the MaxTouch Construction, forces from acceleration, braking, and cornering are distributed evenly around the tyres, the new PS5 promises longer tread life.

According to the company’s press release, the new tyres come with a Dual Sport Tread Design featuring large longitudinal grooves that disperse water quicker for better grip on wet roads. The outer part of the tyres, on the other hand, is more rigid for better grip on dry roads.

Aside from the new PS5 tyres, Michelin also launched the new Primacy 4+ with improved wet braking performances even the tyres are worn. The tyre’s performance is credited to Michelin’s EverGrip technology which combines two layers of rubber to offset the loss of tread while improving water dispersion when the tyres are worn.

The Primacy 4+ tyres are available in 121 different sizes, catering to wheels ranging from 16 to 21-inches.



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