The Toyota GRMN Yaris is a 500-units-only extra spicy hot hatch for both dirt and tarmac

The much-rumoured souped-up GR Yaris is finally official, as Toyota has just revealed the GRMN Yaris at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. The extra spicy hot hatch is only limited to just 500 units, and will be sold through GR Garages in Japan exclusively through a lottery system. Sorry, we’re still not getting more GR Yarises here.

The Toyota GRMN Yaris has undergone a number of upgrades over the standard GR Yaris, and can be further optioned with specialised packages, depending on whether the lucky buyer prefers precision (Circuit Package) or dirt (Rally Package) driving.

No matter which package you choose though, the GRMN Yaris is already equipped with a long list of performance tweaks, including a reworked six-speed manual transmission with closer gear ratios, GR-specific mechanical limited-slip differentials (both front and rear) replacing the Torsen units, and a reinforced three-puck metal clutch and pressure plate.

The engine however remains unchanged from the stock car, but that’s not something we’d complain about after sampling the car on the Sepang Circuit – the mighty 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine still produces a pretty mind-blowing 272 hp and 370 Nm of torque.

To increase the car’s body rigidity, Toyota has given the “fully-tuned” hot hatch an additional reinforcement brace at the rear, while the number of spot welds have also increased by 545 over the standard GR Yaris. And to take things even further, the Toyota GRMN Yaris also ditches its rear seats and touchscreen infotainment display, all in the name of weight saving.

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The weight saving measures, alongside the new carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof and vented bonnet, results in a drop of up to 30 kg compared to the standard car. Toyota also says that the new GRMN Yaris is 10 mm wider and sits 10 mm lower too, for better aerodynamics and a lower centre of gravity.

Other changes on the GRMN Yaris can be found on the interior, which now comes as standard with a pair of Recaro bucket seats, alongside Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel, gear knob, and handbrake. There’s also a new plaque on the centre console to remind you that GRMN means “Gazoo Racing Masters of Nürburgring”. Yes, Seriously.

Moving on to the extra upgrades, the Circuit Package gets a bespoke set of 18-inch alloys from BBS, larger brakes, new Bilstein adjustable shocks, an additional carbon fibre rear wing, a more aggressive body kit consisting of a new front lip and extended side skirts, and a variant-exclusive Matte Steel paint job.

As for the Rally Package, the Toyota GRMN Yaris gets a GR-tuned shock absorber and short stabiliser link set, a new underguard to protect it against the rough terrains, as well as a roll bar with side protection.

Toyota says that the Circuit Package will be limited to just 50 units, but did not set a production limit for the Rally Package. Japanese Pricing for the GRMN Yaris starts at JPY7,317,000 (approx. RM270k), and increases to JPY8,467,000 (approx. RM310k) for the Circuit Package and JPY8,378,764 (approx. RM307k) for the Rally Package – but good luck in getting one.

For the other already-fortunate GR Yaris owners, Toyota will also be offering some of these GRMN parts on sale around fall 2022.



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