Video: AutoBuzz Best (Driver’s) Cars of 2021 at the Sepang International Circuit

There were over 3,300 hp from six cars at our disposal that day and we’re glad we had the Sepang Circuit to properly unleash them – this is the 2021 AutoBuzz Best (Driver’s) Cars of the Year.

The six main casts (aside from their drivers) were the Ferrari SF90 Spider, Porsche Taycan Turbo, Aston Martin DBX, BMW M3 Competition, Toyota GR Yaris, and the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line.

All the cars we assembled that day had one thing in common – they were all equipped with all-wheel drive – but each had its own distinctive taste, flavour and character when fully unleashed on our international circuit.

The SF90 was wildly quick while the Porsche Taycan was incredibly easy to get in, familiarise, and go full (electric) throttle in. The Aston on the other was just full of brute V8 force packed into an English-styled cottage.

The M3 Competition was exactly what M cars were expected to be, wild and free, and on the contrary, the facelift Arteon was just uncompromisingly quick and composed. Simply put, it drove like a stretched Golf R.

As for the GR Yaris, it’s was a firm favourite with everyone from the office with each of us returning with a huge smile and filled with excitement as if we were 18 and just discovered speed.

There’s more to be shared about that day but we’ll leave you to find out in the video instead – this is the AutoBuzz Best (Driver’s) Cars of 2021. Enjoy!


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