There are only three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and BMW releasing M Performance Parts kit for all of their new models. Following the launch of the all-new BMW 2 Series Coupe, the German carmaker has now unveiled a barrage of M Performance Parts for the 2-er Coupe, just like clockwork.

It’s not quite the M2 yet, but the M Performance Parts does certainly up the aggression of the 2-er Coupe by quite some margin – that’s if you can look past the car’s original styling. And with the M240i variant, you at least get a pretty respectable performance to pair with the mad looks.

On the outside, the M Performance Parts include a slew of carbon fibre bits, such as the kidney grille trim, front splitter, a set of side skirts with winglets near the rear wheel well, a ducktail spoiler at the back, and a diffuser-like trim for the rear bumpers.

You can also opt for carbon fibre wing mirror covers, of which there are two: a regular one, or one that’s styled like the proper M cars. Finishing off the exterior appointments are the decals on the bonnet and sides, plus three wheel options – two 20-inch, and one 18-inch.

BMW Malaysia is offering a special M Performance Parts package for the new 5 Series, starting at RM5,000. Check it out here!

Inside, the M Performance Parts kit for the BMW 2 Series Coupe includes an M Performance steering wheel with Alcantara grips, gearshift paddles in carbon fibre, carbon fibre trims on the dashboard and seat backs, a new M Performance Alcantara armrest, and even cute little M Performance door locks.

There’s also the door-mounted puddle lights with two different M designs, plus M Performance badging littered throughout the entire interior. But the highlight here, we think, has to be the M Performance seats, with extra bolsters on the sides and shoulders, and Alcantara fabric down the entire seat back.

It’s not quite the fancy carbon fibre tubs in the M3 and M4, but should still help hold you in place during spirited driving sessions, all while looking cool as a cucumber.

BMW has yet to release pricing details for the M Performance parts, but just like that of the 2 Series Gran Coupe, they’ll likely prove quite popular among buyers when it makes its way here.

Don’t expect them to be cheap, though, as they’re made out of honest-to-god carbon fibre, after all. And hey, at least they’re not as in-your-face as the M4’s kit

[Source: BMW via BMW Blog]