Bentley is selling off five “new” coachbuilt stretched Mulsanne Grand limos

Bentley once made five hand-built Mulliner coachbuilt stretched Mulsanne Grand limousines sometime back in 2015. While they were all delivered to their destination in the United Arab Emirates, they were never used nor registered – so now more than five years later, Bentley wants to sell them off.

Built specifically for customers “seeking the finest in luxury limousine transportation” as per Bentley, the Mulsanne Grand limo features a stretched body frame that’s 1,000 mm longer than the regular Mulsanne, alongside a raised roof that offers an additional 79 mm of headroom at the rear.

Silver Frost over Moroccan Blue – unique, to say the least.

Of course, being Mulliner coachbuilt, each of these five Mulsanne Grand limousines each have their own unique specifications, which Bentley has helpfully compiled them into a list below – first come, first served:

  • Silver Frost over Moroccan Blue exterior paint, paired with an Imperial Blue and Linen interior completed by Burr Walnut veneer
  • Damson over Black Crystal paintwork, complemented by Damson and Twine leathers and Dark Stained Burr Walnut veneer
  • Onyx over Candy Red exterior, with a Hotspur and Camel interior finished with Olive Ash veneer
  • Rubino Red over Light Gazelle bodywork, with an interior in Fireglow and Twine leather paired with Burr Walnut veneer
  • A single tone Black Sapphire exterior, with an Imperial Blue and Camel interior contrasted by Dark Stained Burr Walnut veneer

Other unique exterior features include the 21-inch wheels that have been painted to match the car’s exterior paintwork, and a custom-commissioned Flying ‘B’ bonnet mascot with the words ‘Coachbuilt by Mulliner’ engraved on the base. But for the true standout features of the stretched limousine, we’ll have to head inside.

Mulliner has just made its 1,000th bespoke project! Check out lucky number 1,000 here.

Bentley says that the stretched Mulsanne is designed specifically for a “truly luxurious travelling experience”, catered for “four passenger seats of equal comfort”, with their arrangement inspired by luxury private jets – two facing the front, and two facing the rear.

There’s a bottle cooler with crystal flutes for your fancy champagne in between the two front facing seats, while a beverage cabinet with “bespoke crystal tumblers” sits in-between the rear-facing seats. When you’re not celebrating life with your travel partners while sipping on champagne, the folding veneered picnic tables, alongside iPad docking and charging stations, lets you work comfortably on the move.

The coachbuilt Bentley Mulsanne Grand limousine also comes with a completely-custom climate control system, allowing each of the four rear passengers to control their own “micro-climates” without affecting the other travelling companion’s ideal temperatures.

An electrochromic ‘smart glass’ is placed between the front seats and rear seats, which means the true VVIPs at the rear can enjoy complete privacy with just a press of a button. Bentley also built an intercom system into the car, in case you need to talk to your driver that’s separated via the smart glass panel.

If you pay them enough money, Bentley’s Mulliner will even build you a yacht to match your car. Check it out here!

In order to support the extra weight and length of the car, Bentley had to re-engineer the chassis and suspension for the Mulsanne Grand. The powertrain was not touched, however, as Bentley’s iconic 6.75-litre twin turbo V8, with 512 hp and 1,020 Nm of torque, is more than enough for this purpose.

Originally created as a private commission piece, Bentley Mulliner was given consent to build a limited run of these cars for “like-minded customers”, and they five units here are now all available for purchase through Bentley’s UAE retail partner, Bentley Emirates, with delivery anywhere in the world available as required.

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With production of the Mulsanne ended last year, these five cars are pretty much the last chance you’ll ever get to buy a “new” Mulsanne from Bentley. Considering that they’re Mulliner bespoke pieces with limited quantities, it’s also safe to say that they’ll only increase in value from the day you get your hands on it – so multi-billionaires, you know what to do.



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