Video: Making our E36 BMW 325i sound and drive better!

The never-ending project is finally coming to end, for now, but not without a bang…literally.

Now that the E36 325i is wearing a fresh new coat of paint, it looks completely transformed and 10 years younger. With the “M3 look” matching the used 17-inch BBS RK wheels which were bought from Japan, one could even say it looks sporty now.

But the new, replica M3 kit, which includes front and rear bumpers along with side skirts from EX Concept in Puchong has given us a couple of other things to look into.

The ride height for example, while it is signature BMW, it isn’t what you call good-looking. The front half sits a little higher than the rear, while the original exhaust tips are far too small for the cut-outs originally intended for the larger muffler of the E36 M3.

And while the E36 may drive with some sense of composure and European-ness, compared to the Honda Civic of today, it is floppier than a deflated balloon. Something had to be done….

Episode 1 – New BBS RK wheels for Eu Jin’s 94′ BMW E36 325i!
Episode 2 –  Time to look like an E36 BMW “M3”!


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