Video: Our E36 BMW 3 Series project car is full of rust!

Project cars require plenty of time, money, and effort to complete as evidently seen in the Project EJ36 series that follows Eu Jin’s E36 BMW 3 Series project car. The progress is commendable, and the car looks great with 17-inch BBS wheels and an M3 replica kit. But like all old classic cars, Project EJ36 has rusted in areas not so visible to the untrained eye.

It was only last year that Project EJ36 received a visual makeover. It is amazing what a good set of wheels and a good kit can do to improve the looks of Eu Jin’s BMW 3 series project car. Unfortunately, some corners were inevitably cut in the car’s previous repair jobs throughout its lifetime, from the workshops’ attempts to save time. And as we all know with any job, between “cheap, fast, and good” – you can only choose two out of the three.

This time around, Eu Jin has taken the car to a body shop in Kayu Ara to get a more proper job done, albeit with a longer timeline. A quick look at the car by the shop’s boss already reveals shortcuts taken by the previous repairer. You’d have to watch the video to see them for yourself.

Warning ahead, some graphic and heart-breaking content (for the average car enthusiast) is shown in this episode of Project EJ36. While Eu Jin may have thought the “never-ending project” was finally coming to an end, it seems that his E36 thinks otherwise.

Some special parts have also been bought for Project EJ36. Watch the video to find out what they are!


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