Video: Fitting bucket seats into our BMW 3 Series Project Car

Project EJ36 has finally come to an end (at least for now), but Eu Jin believes there is one last thing to do to “perfect” it. This time around, he bought a pair of bucket seats to fit into his BMW 3 Series project car.

Bucket seats give you a snugger fit when you’re driving and can make a normal car feel a lot better drive even with minimal performance upgrades. There are just perhaps a few things that you will have to sacrifice. Excited by his newly purchased bucket seats, Eu Jin immediately took the car (and the seats) to a workshop to get them fitted. Watch the video to see how it is done!

Now, swapping out your original seats for bucket seats is not as easy as it looks. Of course, before buying the seats, you’d have to make sure the dimensions suit the interior of your car. There is always a possibility of the seat rubbing against the centre console or the B pillars. Bucket seats may also lack certain features like height adjustment, so you’d have to take that into consideration.

As boring as it sounds, you’d have to do some homework and research before buying parts for your car – Always make sure that they can fit. With enough time, money, and expertise, you can always try your best to “force fit” an aftermarket part into a car, but it will never be as good as a part that was designed perfectly to fit in the first place.

Besides attempting to fit new bucket seats into the BMW 3 Series project car, Eu Jin has also sent it for further touch-up work on the exterior. You can watch the video to see the final (hopefully) look of his 3 Series project car. Having spent quite a lot of time and (and money) on project EJ36, we think it is now time for the car to be enjoyed, not parked.


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