Urus now Lamborghini’s fastest-selling, most-produced model, 15,000 units made so far

It was just a year ago (almost exactly, down to the day!) that Lamborghini announced they’ve built their 10,000th Urus super-SUV, the fastest they’ve ever achieved that figure. But it seems like the momentum is nowhere close to slowing down, as the Italian supercar maker has just broken yet another production milestone with the Urus, with the figure now sitting at 15,000 units.

That figure means that the Urus is Lamborghini’s most produced model to date, in the shortest amount of time since its debut. Sorry, purists – Lamborghini is now mainly an SUV manufacturer.

If you’re like us, our chances of owning an actual Lamborghini Urus is pretty much non-existent. So how about a Urus-inspired body kit for the Toyota Harrier?

The milestone was achieved just days after the marque achieved its sales record for the best half-year ever, delivering 4,852 cars globally. As you would expect, the Lamborghini Urus contributed significantly to that figure.

In fact, Lamborghini says that the Urus has significantly contributed to the overall increase in the company’s sales since its presentation in December 2017. The super-SUV even helped Lamborghini double its total volume in 2019, the first full year the Urus is available on the market.

The Lamborghini Urus has been certified as the fastest production car on ice, thanks to its all-wheel traction! Check it out here.

The Urus has been so successful for Lamborghini that it had to expand its headquarters to fit a dedicated production line for the Super-SUV, replete with an AI-controlled dedicated paint shop.

Finished in a shade of Grigio Keres Matte, with Verde Scandal details, and a two-toned interior in Nero Ade/Verde Scandal (all part of the brand’s latest “Graphite Capsule” collection), the Lamborghini Urus with lucky number 15,000 will now head off to a customer in the UK.


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