There’s already a Lamborghini Urus body kit for the all-new Toyota Harrier

Everybody wants a Lamborghini Urus – or at least, that’s what we’re led to believe, because there seems to be an Urus body kit for almost every SUV out there. Remember the Urus kit for the Toyota Harrier? Well, there’s now a new one for the all-new model, courtesy of the guys at Albermo.

Albermo, you might recall, is the same outfit that made the RAV4/Urus and Prius/Ferrari mashup body kits. For the all-new Toyota Harrier, the company has launched what it calls the XH42 – and well, the result is everything you expected.

Taking “inspiration” from the Italian super-SUV, the XH42 kit gives the Toyota Harrier an all-new front bumper with massive angular air inlets covered by mesh grille on both ends, replete with horizontal strakes and a giant blacked-out crossbar across the main intake.

The all-new Toyota Harrier was launched here in Malaysia just three months ago! Read more about it here.

The kit also includes tacked-on fender flare extensions, which gives them a more angular look (like the Urus) rather than the rounded design that the Toyota Harrier originally comes with.

Changes at the rear are a little more restrained compared to the front, with the kit only adding on a rear bumper with large diffuser-like elements, as well as a small spoiler on the bootlid.

In case you needed a refresher on how the Urus looks like, Lamborghini recently took the super-SUV alongside 41 other supercars for a road trip across China. Check out the amazing photos here!

Albermo is also offering an optional exhaust kit supplied by 5Zigen, which moves the twin tailpipe exits from the ends to the centre – although we’re not sure why anyone would do that, seeing that the Lamborghini Urus has their tailpipes at the sides too.

The Urus body kit for the Toyota Harrier will cost JPY362,000 (~RM14k) for the whole kit, though you’ll need to paint them yourself – as is standard in the body kit world.

To be frank, these imitation bodykits aren’t really our style, but hey, we won’t judge if you like them – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, as the saying goes. At least, it’s one of the better executed ones



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