Lamborghini leads 42 supercars and SUVs across a desert in Northwestern China

Remember our recent post on the Lamborghini Urus being driven all around Japan, returning with stunning images? Well, Lamborghini China has upped the ante.

The expedition aptly named “Journey to the Vast” saw 42 different Lamborghini supercars including the Huracan and Aventador and Urus SUV travel across the majestic northwestern region in China.

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The fleet of Raging Bulls started their epic journey in Yinchuan before travelling across the vast lands of Ningxia and Gansu. Throughout their journey, the fleet drove through the Helan mountain range and along the Yellow River, visited the Fuyin Temple, and visited the ancient villages of Beichangtan; not before driving through the scenic Route 66 of Zhong Wei.

Lanzhou Danxia Geological Park

The journey carried on through the Tonghu Grassland and the Lanzhou Danxia Geological Park. At the park, Lamborghini’s customers were treated to a stunning backdrop of the red bed of Danxia against the blue skies and steep cliffs.

Perhaps the most incredible part of the trip was the stop at the Tengger Desert where the bulls were checked into the Desert Star Hotel – an igloo-like structure in the middle of the desert that a Bond villain would be proud of.

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