Mugen’s new kit for the Honda Civic has some really weird tailpipes

For those who want their Hondas to look a little edgier, Mugen’s body kits are a great place to start. We’ve all seen the Mugen treatment on the Honda Civic Type R, and now the Japanese aftermarket company has brought a lot of the same design over to the regular Civic, though unfortunately (for us Malaysians) most of the parts currently available are for the Hatchback version only.

On the outside, the cosmetic upgrades include a carbon fibre front grille, front bumper garnishes, front lip extension, side skirts, rear lip with integrated diffuser, a two-tiered roof spoiler, and two 19-inch wheel designs to choose from.

Additional accessories include ventilated door visors, redesigned replacement LED taillights, carbon-fibre wing mirror covers, hydrophobic wing mirror inserts with integrated LED indicators, carbon-fibre number-plate holder, and even door handle protectors. Of course, Mugen badges and emblems are available to purchase as well.

The highlight of the new Mugen kit for us though, is the unusually-shaped tailpipes, which can be purchased as part of the sports exhaust system. Mugen says that the “dual hexagonal” taipipe exits are inspired by the nozzles on the jet fighters, though to us they just look like deformed square steel tubings that don’t really seem right from any angle you look at it…

Either way, Mugen says that the sport exhaust system is made from lightweight stainless steel, and is certified for use as a replacement exhaust system by the Japanese government. Other performance-enhancing parts include high-performance brake pads, larger brake rotors, micromesh brake lines, high-performance brake fluid, low-temperature thermostat, engine oil treatment, high-performance engine oils developed with Motul, as well as a high-performance oil filter.

Inside, the Honda Civic can be fitted with a flat-bottomed leather/carbon fibre steering wheel, Alcantara FIA-certified full bucket driver seat, quick shifter kit, Mugen push-start button, red or black floor mats, carbon-fibre-like inner door protector sticker, as well as Mugen scuff plates.

While we don’t get have the hatchback version here in Malaysia, the 2020 Honda Civic sedan, launched late February this year, is now available starting at RM109,326 thanks to the sales tax exemptions in place until the end of the year – you can see the full updated price list for Honda models here.



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