Inject a little Italian into your everyday life with these Toyota RAV4 and Prius bodykits

We don’t always get to buy the car of our dreams, be it due to financial reasons, or because your significant other was shouting at you to buy something practical and economic. Sometimes, you end up with a Toyota Prius or a RAV4. They’re perfectly fine cars, and in the case of the RAV4, actually pretty good looking – though not exactly dream car levels.

It’s understandable if you’d want to add some spice to your everyday econo-box, I mean hey, we’ve got to live our dreams somehow, right? Fortunately, if your dreams are something a little Italian, this little Japanese outfit called Albermo might actually have something up your alley.

The RAV4 kit is called the XR51, and consists of a front bumper, rear “half-spoiler”, and a four-piece side skirts. The entire Lamborghini Urus knock-off kit will set you back around JPY232,000 (RM9,375), but if you so wish to, you can purchase the parts individually too.

The front bumper actually looks quite convincing in its minute details, and it’s clear that Albermo has put in the effort to make it look as similar to the Italian super-SUV as possible. However, when fitted onto the RAV4, it somehow makes the Japan Car of the Year look odd and disproportionate, with a droopy nose up front.

If you’re an owner of the latest Toyota Prius, you can also transform your fuel-efficient Japanese hybrid into something that sort of resembles the very Italian Ferrari FF for just JPY186,000 (RM7,518). And to be honest, we think it actually makes the Prius look a little better.

The kit, called SP42, consists of a new front bumper, as well as a rear half-spoiler. Just like the RAV4 kit, you can also order the parts individually, though be aware that paintwork is not included in the list price.

If our Google Translate is serving us right, it seems that the company will also be selling the kit on complete cars that you can purchase in its entirety. For the complete Italian premium sportscar experience, you can even contact Albermo to build a new car entirely up to your specifications.


Toyota RAV4 XR51

Toyota Prius SP42


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