More new parts for A80 Toyota Supra, now reproduced by GR Heritage Parts!

Toyota has added more spare parts for the A70 (1986-1993) and A80 (1993-2002) Supra models under the GR Heritage Parts project.

New additions to the A70 Supra heritage parts list that is set to be on sale from July and August this year are clutch master cylinder, brake hoses, side protection mouldings and front suspension lower arm bush.

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Toyota is also reproducing the air-conditioning control knobs just for the A70 Toyota Supra.

As for the A80 Toyota Supra, the front bumper is the latest addition to the rather limited range of reproduced exterior parts that includes the headlamps and door handles. An original Toyota Genuine Part oxygen sensor has also been added to the list.

The GR Heritage Parts project was officially introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon and the catalogue has quite a long list of mechanical parts for the A70 Supra and the Toyota 2000GT.

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The catalogue of reproduced parts can be viewed here and is available to the owners in North America, Europe and other overseas countries. Toyota will gradually make reproduced parts available for purchase at Toyota dealers, the same way as normal genuine parts.  


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