Watch Nissan completely tear down and rebuild a R32 Nissan GT-R in a factory restoration

If you’re like us, you’d have probably looked through the classifieds at least once in search of a used R32 Nissan GT-R, after watching Initial-D for the thousandth time. Which means you’ll also know how difficult it is to even find one – more so for a mint condition, unmodified example. And let’s not talk about the prices that these things fetch – hoo, boy.

So if you are really set on getting yourself one of these legendary Godzilla in proper, original condition, what’s your best bet? Well, Nissan’s Nismo division has started a new Nismo Restoration Car programme back in Japan, and they’ll be able to source and fully restore one for you – but be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it.

How much exactly, you ask? According to the Nismo Restoration Car website, it varies depending on model, grade, model year, condition, and replacement parts needed, but the reference price for a “standard” restoration will cost about 45 million yen (~RM1.7 million).

Sounds crazy, especially when you consider that a brand new GT-R R35 goes just for about 12 million yen (~RM450k) in Japan. But once you’ve seen the amount of care and attention to detail that the Nismo team puts to restoring the car, you’ll understand why you’re spending top dollar for the car – it’s almost as if they’re building a new car all-together.

The Nismo Restoration Car process has no less than 13 individual sections, and starts off with a complete disassembly of the car. Body panels and all chassis parts are then inspected and repaired, followed by fresh new layer of protection coating and paint.

The torsional rigidity of the chassis is also tested in Nismo’s workshop using specialised equipment, to ensure that the finished car will be well balanced, and safe – all according to Nismo’s high standards.

After the main chassis is finished, the team then turns to the engine, transmission, and the entire driveline, overhauling them with a complete disassembly/reassembly process if needed, bringing them back to their former glory. If requested, the team can even help tune it up to your requirements.

Testing is done at every stage at the process. For the engine, the Nismo engineers will put the straight-six mill through a series of stress test and dyno runs. And when the restoration is fully completed, Nismo even takes the car out on track for some shakedown runs, driven by their own professional test drivers.

With all of the work that Nismo puts in to restore these cars, the maddening 45 million yen sum does somewhat start to seem a little reasonable. So if you have two million Ringgit just lying around, and truly want to live like Takeshi, you know where to look.

More images of the complete restoration process can be found here.


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