Toyota launches GR Heritage Parts project to reproduce legacy Supra parts

Toyota has announced that it will reproduce spare parts for its classic models, as part of the GR Heritage Parts project. The project will initially produce period-correct parts for the third-generation A70 Toyota Supra (1986-1993) and its successor, the A80 Supra (1993-2002).

The components will be sold in both Japan and overseas locations including North America and Europe, and can be ordered through the Toyota Gazoo Racing website. Additionally, the company also said that the reproduced parts can also be acquired through Toyota dealers, as with any genuine Toyota parts.

The parts are scheduled to begin production from 2020. The initial components to be reproduced for the third-generation Toyota Supra include propeller shaft, door handles, fuel sender gauge, weatherstrips, and front emblems; A80 Supra gets original headlamps, door handles, and brake booster.

According to the new website, you will also be able to request for parts to be reproduced. All requests will be tallied, which will be used to influence the company’s decision on parts to be reproduced.

The GR Heritage Parts will be on display at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon starting today, until the 12th January 2020.


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