“Rough” engine? Check engine light on? Bosch recommends checking the oxygen sensors

As combustion of fuel and air exits the engine’s exhaust system, the quality of the gas is immediately analyzed and relayed to the engine control unit (ECU) via a Lambda sensor, commonly known as the O2 sensor.

The signal from the O2 sensor is key to ensure that the engine is consuming the right amount of oxygen to burn fuel efficiently, drive smoother and prevent high fuel consumption.

A faulty O2 sensor can lead to a drop in performance, along with higher fuel consumption and increased emissions.

Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia (Bosch AA) shared that since O2 sensors are an unseen part of the car, most drivers are not aware of its existence. Hence, there is a lack of awareness of its importance in engine wear, maintenance and the harm it can cause towards the environment.

Potential signs of a faulty O2 sensor include reduced engine responsiveness, high fuel consumption, and lack of power to sustain a constant speed. Furthermore, the check-engine lamp (CEL) will illuminate when a fault code has been detected in the ECU.

A lit ‘Check Engine Lamp’ in yellow means an error code is detected

It is best to bring the vehicle to an experienced service centre to troubleshoot the fault code, as it could be more than just the issue with the O2 sensors. As a rule of thumb, Bosch highly recommends a check on the O2 sensor done every 30,000 km. It is best to have a mechanic perform the maintenance check on the O2 sensor as it may need replacing.

If left unsolved, unburnt fuel can damage the catalytic converter costing more funds for repair works.

For more information about Bosch’s range of O2 sensor, drivers can approach its friendly Bosch Car Service or Bosch Preferred Workshops here.

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