Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has contributed a unit of the Triton pick-up truck to INSAF Malaysia, a non-profit organisation carrying out humanitarian efforts in the country. The Triton will be used to help run several programmes under INSAF Malaysia’s belt.

These programmes include distribution of food bank, lunch box, and rice bags to orphanages and welfare homes, as well as ‘Meals on Wheels’ where food are distributed to old folks who have been abandoned or are living alone. The NGO also builds shelter homes for those that have been hit by natural disasters and is in dire need for a roof above their heads.

“Our CSR vision for this year is ‘Inspiring Lives Today for a Greater Future’. While our missions are to implement CSR activities that provides aid to support underprivileged children, and to collaborate with NGOs in promoting a sustainable economy, society and environment,” said MMM Chief Executive Officer, Tomoyuki Shinnishi.

“So when we found out that INSAF Malaysia’s humanitarian efforts is constantly striving for voluntarily action, we want to support their work by contributing a Triton pick-up truck in hopes that the NGO can go beyond the distance and to help more underprivileged families,” he added.

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Speaking during the handover ceremony, INSAF Malaysia President and Founder, Ishak Bin Abdul Kadir said: “We have been witnessing a dangerous trend from the number of people suffering from malnutrition and food insecurity especially during this pandemic.

“Hunger is on the rise in Malaysia as we’ve seen a lot of breadwinners lose their source of income which leads to the inability to put food on the table. We are doing all that we can to make sure children or families don’t go to bed hungry hence we are so glad to have companies like Mitsubishi Motors reach out to us to offer help. The contribution of the Triton pick-up truck is timely, practical and very much appreciated.”