All-new Perodua Alza to be introduced by end of 2021?

We’ve been hearing rumours about a Perodua Alza replacement model for a long time now, seeing that the MPV is now 12-years-old. While nothing concrete has really surfaced just yet, a new statement from Perodua parts supplier Sapura Industrial Berhad (SIB) might have just given us the first inkling of the model’s launch timeline.

“We are currently in the development phase of parts awarded for the Alza replacement model (D27A) expected to be launched by end 2021,” SIB said in its 2021 annual report. “We have also been awarded the supply of Case Differential Assembly by Akashi Kikai Industry Malaysia, a Tier-1 vendor for Perodua’s transmission module, forecasted for mass production in December 2021.”

Perodua DN Multisix concept, first shown off alongside the DN Trec at the 2017 Tokyo motor show.

Now, to be clear, the statement is no guarantee that we’ll actually see the new model by this year – it could just be an initial target timeline given by Perodua to its supplier, and don’t forget how the Covid-19 pandemic and semiconductor chip shortages have affected vehicle production worldwide.

We won’t bet on it, but given Perodua’s track record in keeping to its launch timeline, it’s more than likely a possibility that’ll we’ll see it this year, with deliveries beginning next year – we’ll just have to wait and see.

Not much information is currently available on the D27A Perodua Alza replacement just yet, but it’s likely that the model will be based on the DN Multisix concept shown off at the 2017 Tokyo motor show, displayed next to the DN Trec which evolved into the Daihatsu Rocky/Perodua Ativa that we all know.

We also won’t be surprised to see the DNGA platform being used for the all-new D27A model, as the modular platform was designed to be easily shared across multiple models, as Perodua themselves also said in the media slides at the launch of the Ativa.

The upcoming Perodua Alza probably will look nothing like this inside, but it’s still nice to dream!

More info on the all-new Perodua Alza replacement model will come in due time, as we edge ever closer to the launch. What are your wish lists for the new model? Let us know in the comments section below!



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