Video: The Mitsubishi Triton Athlete makes going off-road easy!

Statistics says it’s probably right to assume that most of you are just like us, born and lived our entire life in the concrete jungle. Which also means that, most of us have never ever set foot into an actual jungle – you know, those with trees and things.

Weirdly enough though, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia somehow trusted us enough to give us the keys to a brand-new Triton Athlete for two days, and told us to drive off into the jungle trails near Janda Baik. So how did yours truly – a complete off-roading newbie – fared in the excursion? Well, watch on to find out…

Fortunately for us, the Triton Athlete is mechanically unchanged from the outgoing Adventure X variant, which means it has all the off-road goodies to make it significantly easier for complete amateurs like us. Most important of all is the Super Select II AWD system, which makes changing between the drivetrain mode as easy as flipping a switch – literally.

In addition, there’s also the four individual off-road driving modes that allows different amount of wheel slip according to the terrain (gravel, sand, mud, rock). The Hill Descent Control system also most definitely saved our lives a couple of times too, when we had to descend down steep muddy hills – all we had to do is to keep the truck pointed in the right direction.

As for what’s changed, they are all on the aesthetic side of things. On the outside, The Mitsubishi Triton Athlete gains a plethora of gloss-black accents such as the Dynamic Shield face and wheels to give it a more macho stature. Meanwhile on the inside, the steering wheel, gearshift knob and handbrake lever all get orange accent cross-stitching.

Otherwise, everything else is exactly the same as the previous range-topper, such as the seven-inch touchscreen infotainment display and all of the existing safety kit.

The new Mitsubishi Triton Athlete is priced at RM141,500 here in Malaysia, on the road, and without insurance. Included in the price as standard is a five-year/200,000 km warranty coverage. For the full rundown of the Triton Athlete’s facts and figures, make sure to check out our launch coverage of the new pick-up truck, here.



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