All PLUS highways to begin RFID toll collection starting 1st April

PLUS Malaysia has announced that it will begin offering RFID payment facilities on all of its 83 closed toll systems in the country, starting 1st April 2020.

A total of 173 RFID lanes (including 131 dedicated RFID lanes) will be opened along the North-South Expressway (NSE), as well as the East Coast Expressway (LPT2).

The move is in line with the government’s vision of Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) toll collection system, and also marks the completion of the fully-RFID highway ecosystem in the country.

The company says that it has been harmonising the RFID system on their highways with Touch N’ Go for the past 36 months, which lead to the acceptance of the app-based payment system at all of its 10 open toll system highways since 1st January.

Plus Malaysia Managing Director, Datuk Azman Ismail said, “With PLUS now offering RFID, the customer journey, which use to be from Juru to Damansara toll, has now been extended into city, KLCC for example and even to urban and sub-urban areas like Wangsa Maju or even Kajang.

“The journey will be seamless as there is interconnectivity between the intra and intercity highways,” he added.

Although toll transactions via RFID is being introduced, PLUS says that the existing Touch ‘N Go and SmartTAG payment methods will still be accepted at the toll plazas, in order to facilitate the migration of customers towards RFID within this year.

In anticipation of the increased demand in RFID fitment, PLUS will be opening 17 RFID tag fitment centres at selected rest and service areas (R&R) along its highways beginning 13th March 2020.


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