Five factors that make the new Petronas Primax 97 with Pro-Race astounding

Petronas Dagangan has introduced the new Primax 97 with Pro-Race which is now available in all of its stations effective immediately so here’s five key features that sets it apart from the rest of the field.

1.World’s first Advanced Dual Friction Modifier, engineered in-house by Petronas

Petronas’ active involvement in high-profile motorsports (F1, Moto2, and Moto3) mean the research and development time is much more accelerated which allows for quick fine-tuning of the desired performance of the fuels.  

Various proposed fuel chemistry concocted by Petronas was also tested at the Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) center in Brixworth, England; the same facility that produces the dominating and highly efficient F1 hybrid power units. 

Based on internal benchmarking, no other fuel company has a friction modifier that performs as required by Petronas in the new Primax 97 with Pro-Race.

The Advanced Dual Friction Modifier is 25% more efficient than the old Primax 97 fuel it replaces, delivering the responsiveness that customers want in their premium fuel.  

2. Power is restored by cleaning the engine

The new Petronas Primax 97 with Pro-Race fuel has specially formulated additives that remove 99.9% of engine carbon deposits. These deposits, that build up over time due to the nature of combustion, reduce both power output as well as the efficiency of the engine.

In port fuel injection engines, the Primax 97 Pro-Race removes 99.9% of engine deposits

The technical team from Petronas explained that 99.9% removal of carbon deposit were seen on the intake valve test procedure (port injection), while the fuel injector also saw a reduction in time to deliver the required quantity of fuel (direct injection).

In direct fuel injection engines, the fuel injector gets cleaned from the additives in the Primax 97 Pro-Race

Excellent power delivery is thus restored courtesy of the thorough cleaning process, a key requirement by consumers who pay for premium fuel as noted by Petronas.

3. The new fuel also performs together with your engine oil

Did you know, Petronas is the first in Malaysia to add friction modifying chemicals into consumer fuels in the early 2000s!  

With its incredible involvement in motorsports that spans over three decades, the knowledge gained has led Petronas to innovate a new friction modifier that incorporates a unique fuel and oil interaction formulation.

The green dots represent special friction modifier chemistry from the new Primax 97 Pro-Race that is being circulated around the oil galleys

Thanks to the specially selected chemistry that survive the combustion process and trickled down to the oil sump, the engine oil continues to have this key item that improves efficiency.  This is especially helpful as friction modifiers in engine oils degrade over time.

With the engine oil gaining in friction modifying chemicals, the overall efficiency of the engine is improved, delivering lower carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

4. Product is designed and verified by real-world consumers, by Malaysians for Malaysians 

Being customer-centric, Petronas engaged in focus group discussions with consumers from various backgrounds and vehicle ownership to understand what is expected when they pay for premium fuel.

Once the fuel has been developed, over 100 drivers that primarily use RON 97 fuel were selected to perform the real-world, real driving conditions blind test that spans more than 30 days.

The drivers evaluated different RON 97 fuels and had no idea where the fuel came from.

The result; over 65% of users noticed improvements in the aspects of power and response. Efficiency meanwhile saw a higher mark of 73% when filled with the new Petronas Primax 97 with Pro-Race. 

5. Improvements can be felt from the first fill

In the aforementioned blind test, participants were only given a small sample of test fuel due to the restricted movement. As such, first impressions were even more valuable.   

Over two-thirds of participants experienced better overall performance compared to their existing preferred RON 97 fuel.  

Two of us from the AutoBuzz team also tried the new Petronas Primax 97 with Pro-Race fuel from two different Petronas stations, and we could immediately feel the said improvements.

The engine indeed felt more responsive and powerful, through a sensation of a lighter and more effortless acceleration.

Further to add, the engine also felt calmer during idling.

In conjunction with the launch of the new RON 97 fuel, Petronas is also offering a RM2 e-voucher for a minimum purchase of RM50 of the new Primax 97 with Pro-Race fuel, and a RM5 cashback voucher for new Setel users. More information can be found here.


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