Video: Perodua Ativa quick walkaround – ASA 3.0 with first-ever turbo engine and CVT

Possibly the most anticipated car of 2021, the all-new Perodua Ativa has arrived in three variants – X, H, and AV being the highest spec – with prices starting from RM61,500. Check out our spec-by-spec comparison here.

The Ativa is powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine making 98 hp and 140 Nm. Ensuring that power is delivered smoothly and efficiently is the task of a D-CVT transmission – a powertrain unlike any Perodua model before this.

If there are any doubts on the Ativa’s performance, they can be put to rest. When we were testing the new compact SUV on Perodua’s test track, it was eager and effortless to get it up to high speeds and it felt smooth doing it too! Read more about it here!

That’s not all, what we also noticed while cruising at speeds of around 120 to 130 km/h, the Perodua Ativa felt composed and wind noise was barely noticeable. Then again, we were driving on Perodua’s test track with smooth and properly paved tarmac so it remains to be seen how it’ll perform in the real world.

Inside, by far the biggest appeal of the cabin has to be the seats, which were well-padded and supportive, along with the instrument cluster. It’s by far the most high tech we’ve seen in a Perodua, and in a RM60,000 car.

Not only does it come four different meter displays, it even comes with an anniversary and birthday reminder but also a reminder for you to check your belongings and not leave your baby behind!

Find it unbelievable? Check it out at the end of the video!



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