According to a local news report, the Federation of Malaysian Consumer’s Association (FOMCA) has spoken up and stressed that consumers are not to be blamed for the loud exhaust fiasco that has put every motoring enthusiast on the edge.

Instead, the onus should be on the government to regulate the import and sale of such “illegal” exhaust systems. President of FOMCA, Che Hassan Che Johan, highlighted that if shops are legally allowed to sell them, consumers are bound to purchase them.

Vandalism isn’t the way either.

The wise man and frankly, our hero for the month, also stressed that motorists should not be forbidden from indulging in their passion and interest for automotive tuning and enforcement should take place against the vendors instead; something we highlighted in our previous article.

If you’re aren’t aware yet, your loud exhaust (not sure loud is loud), can land you an RM2,000 fine or six months in prison if they’re found to be too loud or harmful to the environment.

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Pan Eu Jin
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