Delivery service with private vehicles allowed to continue

Individuals or freelancers doing delivery service during the pandemic will not need to comply with any new regulations yet.   

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said the decision to allow part-timers or freelancers to use their private vehicles, either car or motorcycle, to deliver items was to enable them to generate income during these strained economic times.

The activity, to be known as P-Hailing, is currently unregulated. The delivery service operator’s requirements include 18 years of age, suitable driving or riding licences and the attendance of training sessions.

Image: Facebook/Ministry of Transport

“I have instructed the Ministry Of Transport and its agencies to study this matter and develop appropriate regulations so that their business activities can thrive in a regulated environment. However, it will take time for this process to be finalised,” he said.

Image: Lalamove

Currently, drivers and riders delivering goods, parcels and packed food using private vehicles are not subjected to any additional regulatory requirements, unlike the need for a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence, Puspakom inspection and E-Hailing Permit (EVP) for fetching passengers.

E-hailing drivers were allowed to embark on the delivery service since March 2020 due to the tight Movement Control Order (MCO) conditions, which was previously disallowed. According to Grab, these drivers supported the GrabFood delivery service immensely as a car could carry more packed food and could travel much further too.

Earlier this week, the government announced a one-off RM500 aid for drivers of e-hailing vehicles, as well as taxi and bus drivers.


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