Glow in the dark with Rolls-Royce’s new Neon Lights Black Badge collection

It’s a common misconception that Rolls-Royce Black Badge models only come in the darkest of the dark paint jobs – As we’ve mentioned in our Wraith Black Badge review, RR is happy to paint your car in any colour you like from their 44,000-strong colour palette, as long as you pay them enough money.

But if for some reason none of the 44,000 colours available are not quite your taste, perhaps the new Neon Lights collection for the Rolls-Royce Black Badge models will suit your fancy. Initially developed for clients in the United States, the bright bespoke “nature-inspired” colourways are now available for three further commissions worldwide for the Black Badge cars, making it a limited run of just four of each colour – if you find it a little too ostentatious, don’t worry as you’ll probably never see one on the road.

The first of the trio is Lime Rock Green, which is applied onto the Wraith Black Badge here. The near-luminous hue was inspired by the Australian green tree frog, which RR Bespoke Paint Specialist Sami Coultas’ encountered during his trip to Tamworth, just north of Sydney.

To match the eye-popping exterior paintjob, the interior of the Wraith Black Badge is swathed in Scivaro Grey leather, with Lime Rock Green accents in the form of stitching and piping all around the cabin space.

The Dawn Black Badge seen here meanwhile is draped in a striking Eagle Rock Red hue, which supposedly mimics the flowers of ‘Ōhi‘a lehua evergreen tree that is native to Hawaii. Inside, the Dawn Black Badge gets Selby Grey leather, finished with Koi Red stitching and piping details.

Lastly, there’s the Cullinan Black Badge in Mirabeau Blue. The powder blue colour is inspired by wings of the Rhetus Periander butterfly, also known as the Periander metalmark that is found across Central and South America. Unlike the other Neon Lights models though, the Arctic White leather in the Cullinan is contrasted by Lime Rock Green instead of a similar blue hue.

The dashboard on all three cars also get a dash of the exotic Neon Lights colours – Rolls-Royce calls these the Technical Fibre fascia. According to the British bespoke luxury carmaker, the line-art pattern is supposed to depict the “distortion of artificial light with speed”, but we can’t help but see them as those 80s Jazz design painted on paper cups.

This isn’t the first time that Rolls-Royce is creating bespoke colours specifically for their customers. Just last year, the company unveiled three limited-edition pastel-coloured Black Badge models at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event. In a surprise to no one, the ultra-rich like to spend their wealth on things that make them stand out even more.

That’s by no means a criticism though; in fact we think it’s pretty awesome that Rolls-Royce is also catering to the more left field requests – how many carmakers in the world would let you do that?



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