The Honda Civic is one of the most popular models in the younger car-buying crowd here in Malaysia. We guess it’s pretty similar across the globe too, so much so that Honda has decided to debut the next-generation Civic on Twitch, the game streaming platform, in between rounds of Fortnite – we’re not kidding.

The all-new Honda Civic will make its appearance on November 17 (Nov. 18 morning for us folks at this side the world) on Honda’s own Head2Head Twitch Channel – the first and only automotive-branded Twitch gaming channel, apparently.

Though, come November 17, we still won’t be seeing the car in full production form, but only a prototype. Still, we figure it won’t stray too far from the actual car rolling off the assembly line, given our past experiences with Honda’s “prototypes”.

To go along with the announcement, Honda has treated us with a short 15-second teaser video, giving us a brief look at some of the new design elements of the all-new Civic. From what we can see, the radical new design will include a new Honda Solid Wing face, with less angular headlights more akin to the all-new Honda City.

The rear of the next-generation Honda Civic also looks to be a little sleeker, and might we add – a little more “European” in its design. Gone are the C shaped taillights assembly (also affectionally known as prawns or ketam taillights), replaced with a wider, horizontal design with a light signature that mimics the daytime-running lights up front. Also, is it just us or does it look a little like that of the Audi A4?

Other details that we can see from the teaser video include a quite exaggerated integrated ducktail spoiler, twin oval exhaust exits on the rear bumper, new five twin-spoke alloy wheels, as well as a slight kink on the C-pillar area, like the one we see on the all-new Honda Accord.

Recent rumours suggest that the next-generation Honda Civic will come in two bodystyles like before, a sedan – which is the one we’re seeing here – as well as a hatchback, though we’ll only know for sure on November 17 or even later. Based on what has been revealed so far, what do you think of the upcoming all-new Honda Civic?


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