Toyota USA is looking to push the envelope again at this year’s SEMA show with a Targa-top Supra dubbed the Sport Top, following last year’s Heritage Edition build for the same event.

Based on the sketches, the A90 GR Supra Sport Top should mimic the same Supra used by Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the final scenes of the first ever The Fast and the Furious blockbuster.

The Sport Top will feature a 2-piece removable roof which could be popped open with the car’s remote. Once removed, it can be stored away in the Supra’s boot.

That’s not all, the Supra Sport Top’s body structure would need to be significantly strengthened due to the lack rigidity when the roof is removed. Completing the Targa look are side skirts, an aggressive rear diffuser and a rear spoiler seen on last year’s Heritage Edition.

“We will need to build way more structure into the bottom of the car because it won’t have the roof to contain it as a box”, said the Supra’s Sport Top project’s Team Manager.

“It’s our goal to do something more and more crazy every single year. We do these extra mile things that make it really cool”, he added.


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