The annual Special Equipment Market Association or better known as SEMA is a feast for the eyes and a stimulant for the mind as to where the boundaries are when it comes to automotive tuning.

The most anticipated sports car of the year, the Toyota Supra, which in GC Mah’s video has proven to make more power than it’s advertised, will be making its appearance in various forms at one of the largest car shows in the USA and boy, do they look tantalising!

GR Supra Heritage Edition

The stock turbocharger of the new Supra has been tuned to produce 18% more airflow where along with a custom intake and a larger exhaust system, it now makes over 500 hp.

GR Supra Performance Line Concept

Built by Toyota Customising & Development (TCD) which specialises in customisation for Toyota and Lexus vehicles, the Performance Line Concept focuses on aerodynamics with carbon fibre components such as the larger winglets on the front lip, side skirts for better downforce, door garnishes for smoother airflow through the side and a rear spoiler to maximise downforce at the back.

GR Supra Wasabi Concept

Funny as it’s name sounds, the “Wasabi Concept” is actually quite an important experiment as the Toyota Genuine Accessory Team will be using it to measure consumer interest as they make plans on future products.

It features a centre exit exhaust system, an aero package with spoiler, 20-inch forged aluminium wheels by Toyota, 6-pot front and 4-pot rear Brembro brakes and Ohlins adjustable suspension.

GR Supra 3000 GT Concept

This one gets a bit of a “vintage DNA” as Toyota calls it. Also built by Toyota Customising & Development (TCD), this 3000 GT Concept draws inspiration from the original TRD 3000 GT – a limited production, wide-body aero kit for the Mk 4 Supra in 1994 called the TRD3000GT in celebration of its success in the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship.

The hood vents and rear-wing styling of the 3000 GT Concept were modeled after the original. The rear bumper is incorporated with a diffuser that accommodates a custom HKS exhaust.

GR Supra HyperBoost Edition

This is possibly the most extreme concept yet and with a name like “HyperBoost”, it isn’t shy about it either. A carbon roof, oversized turbocharger and 750 hp makes this one of the most souped up Supras we have seen so far!