The Bespoke Collective division of Rolls-Royce has upped their customisation game yet again with a new creation called the Illuminated Fascia.

Developed over two years and more than 10,000 man hours, the illuminated Fascia glows around the Ghost nameplate on the passenger side of the dashboard. The effect is achieved using more than 850 “stars” but when the car is not in used, the entire display becomes invisible when the car is not in operation.

According to Rolls-Royce, busy and superficial detailing was rejected in favour of a more refined method to project the company’s customising expertise hence, a screen was to achieve this effect simply wasn’t good enough. In other words, if it’s not complex, it’s not worth Rolls-Royce’s time.

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The illumination is achieved through 152 LEDs mounted above and beneath the surface of the dashboard. They’ve also been meticulously colour-matched with the cabin’s clock and the lighting of the instrument cluster.

To ensure that the “Ghost” graphic is evenly illuminated, a light guide is used, featuring more than 90,000 laser-etched dots across the surface. This not only projects light more evenly but also creates a twinkling effect. When the car is not in operation, the Illuminated Fascia becomes completely invisible.

To achieve this, three layers of composite materials were used. The first is a Piano Black substrate, which is laser-etched to remove the black colouring and allow light to shine through the Ghost wordmark and star cluster.

This is then overlaid with a layer of dark-tinted lacquer, hiding the lettering when not in use. Finally, the fascia is sealed with a layer of subtly tinted lacquer before being hand-polished to achieve a perfectly uniform 0.5mm thick, high-gloss finish.

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