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The new Rolls-Royce Ghost is so high-tech it’ll make your brains hurt

Over its 10-year lifespan since 2009, the Rolls-Royce Ghost has become the most successful model in the marque’s 116-year history. That legacy...

Rolls-Royce raises the bar for custom work with an illuminated dashboard!

The Bespoke Collective division of Rolls-Royce has upped their customisation game yet again with a new creation called the Illuminated Fascia.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost looks oddly comfortable on the Nurburgring Nordschleife

Rolls-Royce cars are usually known for their ultimate luxury experience, from the cabin materials to the ride quality - the race track...

Rolls-Royce adds three more hues to its 44,000-strong bespoke colour palette

When inspired by ‘by the hills, sand and sea surrounding Pebble Beach’, Rolls-Royce took the liberty to showcase the creative colour capabilities...