We finally got a first look at Lamborghini’s latest track-only lap time slayer – the SCV12 – just a couple days back, but the Italian hypercar maker has now already given us an onboard video where we can see and hear the V12 beast at full tilt.

The video is an unedited onboard lap around the Imola circuit, with five-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro at the wheel. Pirro, who’s had a hand in the development of the track-only hypercar, will also be the coach in the advanced driving programmes for the new owners of the SCV12 at “some of the world’s most prestigious circuits”.

The onboard video gives us a first look at the interior of the SCV12, where we can see the pared-down dashboard and centre console with a new Y-shaped interior structural piece, race car steering wheel with an integrated screen, along with a secondary roof-mounted display for the other vehicle information.

But most importantly, the onboard video also features the glorious full roar of the SCV12’s V12 engine, which Lamborghini says is the most powerful naturally V12 engine they’ve ever built – capable of delivering more than 830 hp. Be sure to turn your volume way up for this one.

Most powerful V12 Lamborghini SCV12 set for debut

Lamborghini also says that the SCV12 will have more downforce than a GT3 car. Judging by how relatively drama-free the car looks during cornering, we have no doubts about the hypercar’s aerodynamic prowess.

The Lamborghini SCV12 will be unveiled through an online world premiere event on the 30th of June (tomorrow!). We can’t wait to see more!

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