Not only is the end product so polished you’d think it was factory-built but the funny thing is, Ford does not even sell the Focus in Russia!

It seems speedsters are all the rage these days; Ferrari’s got one as with Porsche, Aston Martin just introduced one and so did McLaren. While those are mere fantasies reserved only for the sweetest of dreams, this converted Focus is a more realistic target.

Apparently it’s based on the 3rd generation Focus with generous use of the 4th generation’s body panels, such as the front bumper, head and tail lights for example. Other major modifications include removing the windshield and rear seats, welding the doors and dual humps behind the passengers – a signature look of most Speedsters.

And for a car that’s been so drastically modified, the cabin looks unbelievably “standard” too; who would’ve thought that the Focus would look so good as a speedster?

Unfortunately, the St. Petersburg-based workshop did not reveal the power source of the Focus Speedster although we sure hope they did something about the Focus’ gearbox – a prone to fail component that has put most Malaysians off the Blue Oval brand.


Source: Ford-Market

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