Would you dare to drive the 820 hp Ferrari Monza SP1 & SP2?

Ferrari has just unveiled two new “cars” here in Maranello, Italy, the Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2. The two limited editions open top barchettas draws inspiration from the most evocative Ferraris of the 1950s with the most advanced sportscar technology the prancing horse has to offer.

The Monza SP1 and SP2 pay tribute to the 1948 166 MM which helped Ferrari dominated the World Sports Car Championship in the 1950s. The numeral in the Monza’s name refers to the number of seats available: SP1 a single-seater and SP2 a two-seater barchetta.

You can tell that Ferrari aims to deliver the purest and unique driving experience in the two Monzas by removing the roof and windscreen. This allowed the designers to create a body with truly unique proportions that would not have been possible on a traditional spider model.

The bodyshell of both cars is made entirely from lightweight carbon-fibre, giving the Monzas impressive power to weight ratio and vehicle balance. Despite the open seater concept, Ferrari has also incorporated innovative aerodynamic solutions in the instrument panel and steering wheel to diverts some of the airflow away from the cabin to maintain some levels of driving comfort.

Ferrari has employed their 6.5 naturally aspirated V12 in the open top vehicles, giving the Monza S1 and SP2 820 hp and 719 Nm of torque. Both cars will sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds while 0 to 200 km/h takes only 7.9 seconds. Top speed is registered in excess of 300 km/h.



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