The Russians sure know how to have a little fun with all that snow and money, don’t they?

Unlike the G63 AMG we had the privilege to test last year, the ones in the video are previous generation G63 AMGs with 571 hp and 760 Nm but was no less inferior – as the snowy hills found out.

Excelling at both hill climbs and a tug-of-war against the Volkswagen Touareg, which was completely toyed with on the slippery surface, the G63 AMG does meet its match in the form of the enormous Lexus LX 570. While it was clearly a tie between the two in the tug-of-war, the hefty LX570 showed it was no pushover and shouldn’t be judged solely based on its pretty face at the hill climb.

Those with a little mechanical sympathy might roll their eyes in dismay while some of you might cheer such antics on seeing as the G63 AMG is beyond reach from most with its RM1.4 million price tag. It was however, good to see these monstrosities being used (albeit recreational) as what they were intended for.

In other news, Mercedes-Benz recently announced that it would be utilising the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system to update its customers in South Korea on the status of face mask stocks in pharmacies.

The company also released new images of the highly-anticipated Mercedes-Benz GLA, which is now taller and longer for more head and leg room, to whet your appetites before its arrival in Malaysia. Back home, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has announced that selected service centres have resumed operations.

Source: YouTube

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