Wear your love for Honda with the new TEI Series official merchandise

Honda Malaysia has introduced a new line of official merchandise for the Honda aficionado. It’s called the TEI Series, which stands for ‘Trust, Equality & Individuality’, and is inspired by Honda’s brand philosophy.

The word tei also stands for shape or form in the Japanese language. All items in the series are injected with a combination of Japanese elements in its design.

There are 21 items featured in the Honda TEI Series, divided into four self-explanatory collections – Corporate, Lifestyle, Activewear, and Travel.

The Corporate Collection will feature smart casual clothings for the working adult’s wardrobe, while the younger and more stylish crowd can choose from the Lifestyle Collection, featuring items such as the Reversible Bomber Jacket and the ‘TEI’ fine print 30-inch umbrella.

Fitness enthusiasts can opt for the Activewear Collection, featuring the newly-launched Sports Hijab, and reflective Activewear Shirt. Last but not least is the Travel Collection, which includes items such as the two-in-one Detachable Travel Luggage Bag, featuring a backpack attached to a cabin-sized luggage.

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Toichi Ishiyama said, “Apart from providing the Joy of Buying Honda cars to our customers, we would also like them to experience the joy of owning items from Honda’s Official Merchandise collection which can be incorporated into their daily lives.

“It is therefore our delight to share the new line of Honda Official Merchandise with them which embodies the core values of Honda’s Philosophy, he added.

The merchandise in the TEI Series are priced between RM32 and RM320, and can be purchased at Honda Malaysia’s 92 dealerships nationwide, as well as mobile roadshows. The full list of items and additional information can be found on Honda Malaysia’s website.


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