GoCar will now allow “P License holders” to use their facility

After a successful pilot phase, GoCar’s services will now extend to P License holders. Noble idea, but it does raise an eyebrow.

With majority of students and young adults opting out of buying a car due to added expenses and long-term responsibilities, the need for affordable, accessible and flexible means of transportation has never been more necessary.

As the vast majority of car rental services do not allow P licence holders (we’re guessing for good reason) to rent cars, GoCar’s pilot campaign allowed P Licence members to drive selected GoCars from locations within Klang Valley and it quickly proved that demand was high.

Since the launch in November 2019, the GoCar app has seen a 500% increase in the number of active P Licence members, with a significant portion of these members aged between 18 – 21 years old.

It’s a noble, non-discriminatory move but as a mobility solutions provider, it’s uncertain (as details have been sketchy) if they have considered the very basic mobility concerns – for the P drivers, the other road users and the car’s they’re using for this service.

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Let’s face it, P license holders are not the best drivers and it’s a legit concern if they’re able to manage the vehicle (even in short drives) for it to be faultless and safe for others to use subsequently. There’d likely be concerns if they’d be able to conduct themselves properly on the road, i.e not being a nuisance by parking indiscriminately.

250 cars were made available last month in seven states and this service will be extended to all of their cars. Alongside this movement, the GoCar App will ensure that P Licence members can book any GoCars at all locations.

To encourage more new members, GoCar is offering discounts for P Licence holders who sign up between 13th of March 2020 till 31st March 2020. Approved P License holders can get a RM20 off promo code and an additional RM20 off by using the “USNLYA” referral code.

In support of these new developments, GoCar, CEO, Alan Cheah, said, “Our goal is to create affordable mobility options for everyone in the car-sharing community. Through this campaign, we realised the majority of P Licence holders do not own a car and prefer alternative transportation. Now with the P Licence campaign, they have the flexibility of paying and accessing a GoCar as needed.”

Image source: GoCar Facebook


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