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GoCar and Shell to provide free car usage, petrol to medical front liners

In an effort to support our local medical front liners in their war against the COVID-19 pandemic, GoCar Malaysia and Shell Malaysia...

GoCar will now allow “P License holders” to use their facility

After a successful pilot phase, GoCar's services will now extend to P License holders. Noble idea, but it does raise an eyebrow.

You can now get 28% off your GoCar booking when travelling on the ERL

GoCar Malaysia has announced their partnership with Express Rail Link (ERL) to facilitate the mobility of travellers using the KLIA Ekspres service.

GoCar Subscription is another way to ‘own’ a car, but is it for you?

It’s probably not for everyone, at least not yet. But for those who do not subscribe (pun intended) to the traditional notion...

You can now rent a Nissan Almera through GoCar for just RM6.90 an hour!

GoCar has just reduced its price permanently for the rental of a Nissan Almera from RM9.90/hour to just RM6.90/hour or RM69/day. The...

Rent a car with GoCar at 100 selected Shell stations in Malaysia!

A quick stop at Shell will not only offer you delicious pastries, aromatic coffee but now, even cars for rent! That's cause a total of...

Drive the chic Renault Captur for RM18.90 per hour with GoCar

Tan Chong Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder for Renault vehicles in Malaysia has just announced that the company will be providing 150...