GoCar Malaysia has announced their partnership with Express Rail Link (ERL) to facilitate the mobility of travellers using the KLIA Ekspres service.

The online-only package, which costs RM101 for adults, includes a return trip on the KLIA Ekspres train line, and a 28% discount code for your GoCar booking. Additional passengers in the same trip will cost RM90 per adult, or RM40.50 for children. 

The promo code for the car-sharing service is only valid for bookings at KL Sentral, and is capped at RM50. Both the train ticket and discount code are also only valid for 1 month from the selected travel date of the first trip. 

According to GoCar’s website, the car-sharing service’s fleet of vehicles include the Nissan Almera, Captur, Serena S-Hybrid and even the Nissan Navara pick-up truck. Prices start at RM6.90 per hour for the Nissan Almera. 

GoCar Malaysia President, Nicholas Tan said, “Connectivity has always played a vital role in the transportation industry, even more so these days. Similarly, as travellers, we are also looking for that seamless experience when it comes to mobility.

“We are excited to work with ERL to realise this shared vision and bring this convenience to more travellers who are going to or from KLIA and KLIA2,” he added.

ERL Chief Executive Officer, Noormah Mohd Noor, also said “This KLIA Ekspres and GoCar package would offer a seamless journey for our customers who appreciate the speed and reliability of our train service, as well as the flexibility and convenience of car-sharing while contributing positively to reducing their carbon footprint.”

Additionally, the local car-sharing service has also announced the availability of GoCar vehicles at selected ERL stations, including KL Sentral (KLIA Ekspres Arrival Hall and Departure Hall), Bandar Tasik Selatan, and Salak Tinggi.

The Salak Tinggi station will also act as GoCar’s new hub, where travellers to the station can opt for one-way trips in addition to round trips with the GoCar vehicles. 

Further information on the package is available at the KLIA Ekspres mini-site, where you can also book your tickets.

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