Goodyear Malaysia to power its plant using solar energy. Good on yer!

It’s easy to cast a wary eye on this news story as just another company touting a CSR initiative, but nothing should be taken for granted when it comes to the reduction of carbon footprint. Global warming is real and it is pressing matter, so every bit counts.

Just about every roof at Goodyear Malaysia’s facility is lined with a solar panel!

Goodyear Malaysia has done more than just a little bit by installing some 6,680 solar panels on the roofs of their office and production plant in Shah Alam, in line with its global mission to drive sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

The thought that your car’s tyres were produced using solar energy is cool.

The solar panel system is able to generate 2.5 megawatts of power each day, and it is connected to six low voltage substations located within the plant. The panels will be responsible for powering the manufacturing plant, as well as the office and warehouse buildings. Once optimised, the plant is expected to have excess electricity which can be chanelled back to the grid.

Photo ops aside, what more can the government do to facilitate ‘green’ buildings?

In total, the solar panels will be able to reduce up to 1,980,433.37 kg of carbon emissions per year over 25 years and cut Goodyear Malaysia’s spending on electricity while significantly reducing the amount of greenhouse emissions.


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