Remember the Range Rover Sentinel story I posted a few months ago? Well Volvo Cars is responding to it and is taking safety to a whole new level with the introduction of the new XC90 “Armoured”.

The armoured SUV has been certified with VPAM VR8 protection rating – meaning that the car has 360-degree ballistic and even explosive resistance.

The armoured SUV based on the T6 AWD Inscription model was “upgraded” in Germany by a company specialising in armoured vehicles.

For starters, high-strength steel armour measuring 10mm thick has been applied to the body while the thickness of the glass can be specified up to 50mm thick.

As a whole, the armour has added around 1,400 kg to the XC90, bringing its total weight up to 4,490 kg (with five occupants on board). To cope with the excess fat, the XC90 has been fitted with high performance suspension and brakes.

“Production is classified, with stringent procedures. The armour is fitted discreetly to make the car barely distinguishable from a standard XC90,” said Volvo Cars Special Vehicles, Marketing Director, Stephan Green.

Volvo also announced that they’re developing a “lighter version” of the armoured SUV where it will be based on the XC90 and XC60 T6 AWD Inscription. These will be catered to companies offering security services, the police force, diplomatic corps and such.

Intended for the Latin American and European market, the “lighter models” will be retrofitted in Brazil where there is high demand for such vehicles.

I suppose the South Americans face bigger threats on the road than mere drivers playing with their phones while behind the wheel.


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