Tan Sri (Dr.) Tony Fernandes is living up to his budget airline’s motto of big value but low on price with his recent purchase of a brand-new Proton X70. The intelligent SUV was delivered to the airline’s headquarters in Sepang.

Both Tony and CEO of AirAsia Malaysia, Riad Asmat each purchased an X70 which were handed to them by Director of Marketing at Proton, Cheng Seng Fook. Tony also had a product briefing on his Flame Red X70 Premium 2WD – natural colour choice for the Group CEO of AirAsia

“We at AirAsia is a big believer of voice command and being able to put the voice for the sunroof, amongst other features. And I think the whole simplicity of the car – the dashboard – is very clean” commented Tony on the features of the X70.

 The Premium 2WD variant which he chose, comes equipped with all the bells and whistles such as Panoramic Sunroof, 9-speaker Kenwood sound system, 8.0-inch GKUI touchscreen infotainment system with “Hi Proton” voice command, Nappa leather upholstery and many more.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ Flame Red Proton X70 Premium 2WD

“It was a very good value, we are obviously a low-cost airline; so, we look in value, nice design. I love technology and I love the great technological features (in the X70). Tan Sri Rafidah just chose Andrea Bocelli and so yeah. Why not? Why should we not buy (the X70), it’s a great car,” said Tony.

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