Video: Proton X70 “Hi Proton” test using ‘powderful’ Malaysian accents!

Many modern smartphones and cars already have some form of voice command feature built-in – Apple has Siri, Android has Google Assistant and Mercedes-Benz have their MBUX (Hey, Mercedes). But what is unique with the Proton X70’s “Hi Proton” Voice Command is that it has been programmed to pick up Malaysian accent and we find out how true is it:

All variants of the X70 comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system powered by the GKUI (Geely Smart Ecosystem user interface) that comes with an intelligent Voice Command system. The Voice Command is able to answer basic queries related to the time, weather, location and more as well as controlling major functions of the infotainment system and vehicle in-car functions.

You can also understand indirect commands (or natural speech) such as “Hi Proton, I’m hungry” as demonstrated in the video and respond accordingly. Although the Voice Command may not be accurate 100 per cent of the time, to be able to understand “Can you play Siti Nurhaliza?” is already a big win in my books.


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