Not sure what BMW was feeding GC Mah in Faro, Portugal but he came back raving about how the oversized kidney grille actually looked good and accentuated the design of the BMW X7 and 7-series. Whatever they gave him, I’d like a double dose of that.

Not too long ago we shared some pictures released by BMW of the all-new 7-series on the same trip and although many of you (let’s be real) would not be able to afford one, it was clear that we shared the same (negative) sentiments on the new grille, as the comment section revealed.

Sadly, GC Mah was only allowed to drive the 7-series and 8-series convertible (video coming soon) while the X7 was only available for walk-around videos so here it is – brought to you by a Chinese man with suspicious amount of facial hair.

In the video is the M50d variant of the X7, with 400 hp and Ferrari 812 Superfast-rivalling 760 Nm of torque. 0 to 100 km/h take just 5.4 second onward to an anti-climatic top speed which has been electronically-limited to just 250 km/h.