The all-new Nissan Sylphy is as aerodynamic as the Nissan GT-R!

Our Head of Editorial, Denis Wong just witnessed the unveiling of the all-new Nissan Sylphy and along with these pictures, was a text message that said he’s never been so aroused by a Nissan since the GT-R. May seem exaggerated but doesn’t it just look incredible?

As you can tell from the pictures, the new car unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show is a breakaway from the old car’s subdued appearance. In fact, Nissan says, the all-new car has a lower centre of gravity and a drag coefficient of just 0.26 – the same as a Nissan GT-R!

If the hunkered down stance, accentuated by a meaner new look highlighted by the V-Motion doesn’t rile you up, nothing will.

Interestingly, Nissan said it will be powered by their all-new 1.6-litre 4-cylinder HR16DE engine with around 120 hp and 158 Nm paired to a Xtronic transmission.

With looks as sharp as razor, Nissan claims that it will drive as well as it appears as its steering, suspension and body rigidity have been enhanced to improve handling and deliver a more solid driving feel.

Even the interior has been “tightened up” beyond recognition; as if the Sylphy had undergone a complete gender transformation procedure.

The layout of the dashboard and the central air con vents are by far the most attractive bit of the cabin – lending a much more modern and up-to-date look. If I know Malaysians better, this look will surely generate long queues at Nissan dealerships.

The other centre piece of the interior, the 3D Multi-layer ergonomic seats even comes with diamond-shaped quilting on the seat, exclusive for those who opt for the tan upholstery. The cabin can also be had in full black or light grey.

Towering over the dashboard is an 8-inch colour display while a high-definition 7-inch display is squashed between the meter clusters to display the car’s intelligent driver assistance systems such as Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Cross Traffic Alert.



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