All-new Perodua Myvi launched in Singapore, 1.3 X from SGD64,800

Our friends across the causeway can now purchase the third-generation Perodua Myvi from authorised distributor, Percom Auto Pte Ltd. Two variants are available, with the 1.3 X and 1.5 H joining the Axia and Bezza in the Perodua product line up of Singapore.

Perodua President and CEO Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad said, “The current-generation Myvi’s foray into Singapore is significant in terms of brand presence despite the high barriers for entry into this mature market. This also marks the model’s first export destination under the Perodua brand.”

The new Myvi is quite the crowd puller

The Myvi 1.3 X and 1.5 H is priced at SGD64,800 and SGD69,800, inclusive of the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) which costs SGD29,159.

Yes, we know, the Myvi costs RM197,000 to RM212,000 after conversion and you can buy a brand-new BMW 118i M Sport with that money. But the thing is, Singaporean buyers are not buying a car in Malaysia, likewise, you are not buying a new car in Singapore.

Perocom Auto Pte Ltd Managing Director, Mr John Ng said, “The Perodua Myvi has been very well received by Malaysians, and the enthusiasm has also found its way to Singapore, where there is a niche yet loyal cult following eagerly awaiting the arrival of the third-generation model.”


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