Toyota is still convinced that Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV) will be a viable alternative of clean and renewable energy powered cars. More and more brands (Mercedes-Benz included) are buying into the whole FCV idea.

Recently, Toyota Motor Corporation has just introduced a SimpleFuel hydrogen station that can produce, store and refill hydrogen to FCVs. By making use of electricity generated from solar power, the generator carries out electrolysis of water to produce low-carbon hydrogen which is then compressed and pressurised.

The SimpleFuel station is installed at the car makers Motomachi Plant in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture where fuel-cell powered forklifts are used for day-to-day operations. Each station is able to produce up to 8.8 kg of hydrogen per day which is enough to fuel seven or eight forklifts.

Toyota has another hydrogen station at the premise but the SimpleFuels compact design means that it can be installed in small spaces, making it more flexible to be deployed.

Since launch of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 in 2015, Toyota has been developing and implementing technologies by harnessing hydrogen energy, which is aimed at utilizing hydrogen at its plants to realize its Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge.

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